Posing Tips for your Wedding Day: Get the Perfect Photos!

Posing Tips for your Wedding Day: Get the Perfect Photos!

Every bride desires the perfect photos of her special day in her dream wedding dress. Many brides have never had professional photos taken let alone done any form of modelling so it can be rather daunting stepping in front of the camera. Your wedding day should be a memorable happy occasion and we are here to help you capture those moments in the most flattering beautiful way possible!


Projects chin away from your neck

To avoid any unsightly double chins, lean your head back slightly and push your chin out. This will give the impression of a long slim neck. Another technique that works to elongate the neck and reduce the appearance of the double chin is to softly push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Find your best side

Nobody has a perfectly symetrical face hence why many people have a prefered side. Go have some fun in front of the mirror or take some selfies to figure out which is your best side and lead with it.


Smile with your eyes not just your mouth! This makes for a much more natural, genuine look.

Drop your shoulders

This encourages better posture and in doing so you will look more relaxed and your photos more natural.

Seperate your arms from your torso

By keeping your arms away from your body you create the illusion of a slimmer waist and torso. This also prevents you from flattening your arms against your body which can make your arms look bigger than they are. Put your hands on your hips or lift your skirt slightly to create angles with your arms.

Stand Up Straight

Stand and walk with confidence, you are a stunning bride about to marry your forever man!

Arch your back

This will accentuate the S curve in your spine producing a beautiful feminine look that defines your waist and draws attention to your sexy figure in that gorgeous dress!

Work an angle

Most people look best when they are not photographed straight on. Shift your weight to one foot or position one leg in front of the other for a slimming effect.

Hold your bouquet to the side at hip level

Lets not cover up the beautiful detail on the bodice of your dress!


…and have fun! A happy, relaxed bride is a beautiful bride!


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