How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress to Flatter your Shape

How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress to Flatter your Shape

The extensive selection of wedding dress designs and silhouettes on the market today can be overwhelming to any bride!

When you start perusing all the beautiful wedding dresses available online it’s easy to become infatuated by certain styles and trends.
Take a step back and ask yourself, although I love this design, is it truly the right style for my own body type? It’s important to find a silhouette that will highlight your most loved assets and conceal your less favourable traits.

Before you can decide which wedding dress shape is best for you let’s first find out what your body type is!
And remember, you may not fit into just one category.

Straight/Athletic: Women with this body type have the same measurements for all sections of their body. Meaning their bust, waist and hips have similar measurements.

Pear: Pear shaped women have large hips and a small waist and bust.

Apple: Women with this body type have small hips and a petite booty with slim legs and arms. They generally have a larger bust and an undefined waist, putting weight on first in the midsection.

Hourglass: Women with this body type are overall well proportioned with equal booty and bust measurements and a well defined waist.

Oval: Women with this body type have a larger bust, fuller midsection and narrow hips.

Inverted Triangle: Women with this body type have broad shoulders, small hips and long slender legs

Lollipop: Lollipop shaped women have a full round bust and broad shoulders. They have narrow hips and waist and slim arms and legs.

Petite: Petite women are waif like thin with a small bone structure. Their pelvis and shoulders are perfectly aligned and they don’t gain weight easily.


If you have a Straight/Athletic Shape:

Do: Flaunt a fitted silhouette to show off your trim figure or opt for a fuller skirt and fitted bodice to give the illusion of curves. 

Don’t: Wear sheath dresses as they will make you look boxy.

We Love: Grace loves lace

If you have a Pear Shape:

Do: Opt for a flowing A-Line skirt with a fitted bodice to show off your small waist.

Don’t: Wear extreme fit and flare gowns as it can over accentuate your lower half.

We Love: Carolina Herrera

If you have a Apple Shape:

Do: Opt for a simple A-line skirt and deep V neckline to balance you and give you a long lean look. Perhaps a small split in the skirt to show of those sexy, slim legs!

Don’t: Wear mermaid and ball gowns as it can accentuate your middle section in an unflattering way.

We Love: Rosa Clara

If you have an Hourglass Shape:

Do: Opt for a mermaid or drop waist; flaunt those curves and show off that enviable cinched waist!

Don’t: Add weight and volume to your chest and hips as they are already balanced

We Love: Berta

If you have an Oval Shape:

Do: Flaunt an A-Line skirt or empire waistline to create a lengthening effect. Wearing a middle sash or belt is a cleaver way to give the illusion of a cinched waist

Don’t: Wear unsupportive, strapless gowns. A larger bust looks best supported. 

We Love: Alon Livné

If you have an Inverted Triangle Shape:

Do: Choose a full skirt with a front split to balance your broad shoulders and show off those slim legs

Don’t: Wear halter necks or off the shoulder if you are conscious of having wider shoulders

We Love: Paolo Sebastian

If you have a Lollipop Shape:

Do: You are lucky as most styles will look good on your frame.

Don’t: Extreme plunge necklines as it can be a tad revealing for larger busted women.

We Love: Georgia Young Couture

If you are petite:

Do: Wear trumpet, A-line or column styles to create the illusion of height

Don’t: Wear an extremely voluminous skirt as it may overwhelm your small frame.

We Love: Alexandra Grecco

Happy shopping!

And remember, whichever dress you choose, you will look stunning!
Brides have that glow, you know!

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